In 2015 I started on a new journey in my life. I have always been on the creative side, just not out loud for everyone to see. So posting on social media was super frightening.  It’s a brave feat for anyone, especially because it allows for people to comment. And comment people do! 

I have to say, I was super surprised that most of the comments were positive and supportive.

It gives you courage when others are cheering you on the from the sidelines.

I remember someone saying that I needed to find sunshine in my world.

Off I went to the paint shop and brought a tin of bright yellow paint.

A friend gave me a lovely pot, only problem, it was red and from my social media you know that red is definitely not my colour.  To add that little sunshine I painted the pot yellow.  It was yellow and sat pride of place in our kitchen for a few years until I wanted sunshine in my garden, so you guessed it the pot is more a different colour.

Next step for me was roadside collections. Someone told me recently it’s also known as wombling. l always thought I was exactly like the womble Bungo, I guess deep down I was a little of all of them.

Clever, Private, bossy, excitable and a handyman of sorts.

It’s rather embarrassing pulling up to the someone rubbish pile and searching for something, anything that could help make our house a home. You are probably asking yourself what’s the big deal. Well, don’t tell anyone but I’m embarrassed when I pull up in a nice car and look like I should be shopping at an exclusive store in someone else’s rubbish pile. 

It’s not funny when you have a house full of nothing.

These days I womble just for fun. What treasures am I going to find, from roadside collections to charity stores.  I challenge myself not to spend over $15. Most expensive item I think was $18. The last of the big spenders here!

It’s amazing how you can turn the ugliest piece into something stylish and to suit your personal look.

It all comes down to paint.

My first few painting attempts were tragic, now I paint like a pro. I still get nervous when I am creating, just in case it doesn’t work out. 

After years of practise I know if I don’t like it, it’s just paint. Change the colour, change the look.

My favourite look is rust.

I think everyone is an artist and if you don’t like the colour don’t sell it, paint it I now say.

Go ahead, it’s very cathartic, don’t believe me try it for yourself and paint your world.

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